Tesla China wholesale units dip 44% in December, though Q4 is still a strong quarter overall

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Tesla China’s challenges in December were notable, and they were evident in the company’s performance during the month. As per recently released data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Tesla China’s wholesale figures reached 55,796 units in December, down about 44% compared to November. 

Considering that the CPCA’s figures were listed as wholesale units, the 55,796 vehicles posted for December include cars that were sold in the domestic auto market and exported to foreign territories. Interestingly enough, a breakdown of the number of vehicles that were exported and sold locally was not included by the CPCA for now. 

For context, Tesla China posted an incredible 100,291 wholesale units in November 2022, which was a new record for the electric vehicle maker. December’s results were also quite interesting, as it was about 21% lower than the wholesale figures from December 2021, when the company posted 70,847 wholesale units. 

While December’s results were arguably disappointing for Tesla China, they still contributed to the electric vehicle maker’s overall figures in the fourth quarter. Thanks in no small part to Tesla China’s blockbuster November figures, Q4 2022 was still a new quarterly record for the electric vehicle maker’s China operations. 

Considering Tesla China’s December results, it would appear that the company was able to sell 227,791 Giga Shanghai-made vehicles in Q4 2022, a growth of over 27% year-over-year and an improvement of over 20% quarter-over-quarter. With Tesla’s Q4 2022 delivery and production report revealing that the company delivered 405,278 vehicles worldwide in the fourth quarter, Tesla China effectively accounted for about 56% of the company’s global deliveries in Q4 2022. 

As per data tracked by local EV watcher CNEV Post, Tesla China appears to have sold 710,865 Giga Shanghai-made vehicles in 2022, a massive 50.26% improvement from the 473,078 vehicles that were sold in 2021. This suggests that while Tesla China had a very challenging December, the electric vehicle maker’s overall momentum in the country is still notable nonetheless. 

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Tesla China wholesale units dip 44% in December, though Q4 is still a strong quarter overall
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