Tesla China delivers 62,493 vehicles domestically in November, becomes largest NEV exporter

Credit: Terry橙小曦 via Tesla Asia/Twitter

Tesla China set records in November by selling a total of 100,291 vehicles. Recent numbers released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) now reveal that from this impressive number, 62,493 vehicles were sold domestically.

As per the figures released by the CPCA, Tesla China sold a total of 69,098 Model Y crossovers and 31,193 Model 3 sedans in November. A total of 37,798 vehicles were also exported from Gigafactory Shanghai to foreign territories. This meant that Tesla became China’s top New Energy Vehicle (NEV) exporter again. 

Tesla China’s November results presented a new record for the electric vehicle maker. With 100,291 vehicles sold, Tesla China posted an impressive 89.73% rise compared to the same month last year and a 39.87% improvement from October’s figures. Domestic sales were also quite impressive as they were higher than estimates based on tracked insurance registration data.

In terms of NEV exports, Tesla China dominated with its 37,798 vehicles that were sent to foreign markets. Following Tesla China was SAIC, which exported 17,696 vehicles, and in third place is BYD, which exported 2,654 vehicles to foreign territories. 

Tesla China has exhibited strong performance this year so far. From January to November, Tesla was able to sell 655,069 China-made electric vehicles. That’s up 62.86% compared to the 402,231 units that were sold from January to November 2021. Estimates also suggest that from January to November this year, Tesla delivered 397,844 to local customers in China. For comparison, Tesla delivered 250,141 domestically in the same period last year. 

Tesla China is currently neck-deep in negative sentiments based on claims that the company is seeing lower demand for its vehicles in the domestic Chinese market. This does not mean to say that Tesla is not pushing to increase its vehicle sales in the country, however. So far, the company has lowered the prices of the Model 3 and Model Y, introduced discounts for customers who opt in for Tesla’s insurance partners, and rolled out an incentive program, among others. 

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Tesla China delivers 62,493 vehicles domestically in November, becomes largest NEV exporter
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