Tesla Giga Shanghai to halt production in July to upgrade Model Y line capacity

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Tesla seems to be setting the stage for Gigafactory Shanghai to increase its Model Y output. As per recent reports from China, Tesla is shutting down its electric vehicle factory in early July to make way for upgrades to the Model Y line. 

With the upgrades in place, Gigafactory Shanghai’s Model Y output will reportedly be boosted to about 2,000 units per day. Overall, the improvements to Giga Shanghai’s Model Y production should put the factory’s weekly output closer to about 22,000 units per week. 

Interestingly enough, an image of a memo from Tesla China seemed to indicate that Giga Shanghai’s shutdown will only last for a few days, from July 1 to 4, 2022. However, Reuters, citing an internal memo from the electric vehicle maker, noted in a report that the shutdown would instead last two weeks. 

Teslarati has sent a message to Tesla asking for clarification on the matter. This article will be updated if Tesla provides a response. 

Following are the contents of the memo reportedly from Tesla China (courtesy of Chinese EV group 42How and translated using Google Translate)

All staff of BCC Lingang factory 

BCC Lingang Factory Manager and Supervisor 

Dear partners, 

In order to cooperate with the production upgrade of the super factory, the entire factory (including the workshop and office area) needs to be powered off from July 1st to July 4th. The guidelines for attendance during a power outage are as follows: 

– Participating in production improvement and transformation: Arrange attendance according to the department 

– Front-line employees: rest according to the production plan 

– Office employees on daily shifts: Arrange annual leave/sabbatical leave, work from home, or work at an off-site office location, such as RDC/TC, according to actual work needs. 

– Follow-up line supervisor/engineer: In principle, work and rest with the front-line employees of the shift they follow. If necessary, they can work from home, or work at an off-site office, such as RDC/TC. 

All attendance, annual leave/schedule, home office or off-site office shall be arranged and approved by the heads of each department according to business needs. 

Your HR partner 

China HR

Credit: 42How/Twitter

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Tesla Giga Shanghai to halt production in July to upgrade Model Y line capacity
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