Tesla China ends October’s 4th week with 10,800 domestic insurance registrations

Credit: Tesla Asia/X

Tesla China started the domestic deliveries of the upgraded Model 3 sedan last week. The effect of the revamped EV seems to be notable, with Tesla’s numbers showing some improvement within just a few days of the Model 3 Highland starting its local deliveries. 

Tesla China does not disclose its weekly sales figures, but an estimate of the company’s general performance in the domestic Chinese market could be inferred by analyzing vehicle insurance registration data. Industry observers and domestic automakers, such as Li Auto, have undertaken the task of aggregating and publishing this data on a weekly basis.

And as per Li Auto’s most recent report, Tesla saw 10,800 new vehicle insurance registrations in China during the week of October 23 to 29, 2029. This represented a 33.33% increase from the 8,100 insurance registrations that were tracked from the previous week. 

It should be noted that deliveries of the upgraded Model 3 have only been ongoing recently in China. Reports from China indicated that domestic deliveries of the new vehicle really only started October 26. This suggests that local deliveries of the revamped all-electric sedan really only picked up in the latter half of the week ending October 29. 

Tesla’s results for the previous week also suggest that between October 1 and October 29, the electric vehicle maker saw 27,300 vehicle insurance registrations, as noted in a CNEV Post report. This number is quite understandable, considering Tesla China’s focus on exports in October.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai is its primary export hub and the sole factory currently producing the new Model 3 Highland. Giga Shanghai is expected to operate at full capacity in Q4 to meet global demand for the upgraded all-electric sedan.

Tesla has performed well in China despite selling only two models: the Giga Shanghai-produced Model 3 and the Model Y. As per the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Tesla sold 74,073 Giga Shanghai-made vehicles in September, with 43,507 of the cars being delivered in China and 30,566 being exported to foreign territories.

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Tesla China ends October’s 4th week with 10,800 domestic insurance registrations
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