Tesla Cybertruck looks like real-life CGI in aerial promotional video

Credit: Cybertruck/X

Tesla’s efforts to promote the Cybertruck appear to be ramping up, with the electric vehicle maker posting a simple yet compelling video on the all-electric pickup truck’s official social media account. The video’s message is evident — the Cybertruck offers tons of fun, and it is in its element when it’s driving off the beaten path. 

The video, which was just over a minute long, featured a long aerial shot of the Cybertruck as it drove over a dirt road. The truck seemed to be driving at a pretty decent speed, as hinted at by the long trail of dust that it left behind. There was no music or text in the video. It simply showed the Cybertruck doing what it was promoted to do. 

What’s pretty interesting is that the Cybertruck in the video even had its tonneau cover open, hinting that the vehicle was not operating at maximum efficiency at the time. The Cybertruck’s steer-by-wire system seemed to shine in the clip as well, as the all-electric pickup truck could be seen taking on the dirt road’s curves without losing too much speed. 

Together with the pristine environment it was driving on, the Cybertruck, with its unorthodox design, looked like it was computer-generated. Tesla was definitely aware of this, as the company captioned the video with the words “CGI IRL.” This is a characteristic of the Cybertruck that has long been mentioned by CEO Elon Musk. Current Cybertruck owners seem happy to indulge in their vehicles’ CGI-esque nature as well, with many opting to customize their unorthodox pickup trucks to make them stand out even more.

The Cybertruck is Tesla’s first vehicle that is actually designed to excel in areas far beyond the pavement. During the vehicle’s first delivery event, the company showed off the Cybertruck operating in various off-road scenarios, from rocky mountains to dirt roads and streams. The videos, if any, highlighted that the Cybertruck is a tough vehicle that would likely be capable of tanking anything that the environment can throw at it. 

That being said, the Cybertruck has been attracting the eye of critics as of late, with some news outlets and social media users highlighting instances of the all-electric pickup truck getting stuck in off-road situations. Apart from being given names like the “Cyberstuck” or “Cyberfail” (to name a few), the Cybertruck has also been compared unfavorably to other electric pickup trucks like the Rivian R1T and the Ford F-150. 

Regardless of its rather shaky off-road reputation for now, Tesla does seem determined to highlight that its all-electric pickup truck is not just comparable but better than its competitors. Time will tell if Tesla’s efforts will ultimately pay off, but for now, even simple, direct promotional videos such as the Cybertruck’s aerial footage go a long way towards promoting the vehicle. 

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Tesla Cybertruck looks like real-life CGI in aerial promotional video
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