Tesla pauses Model 3 Highland deliveries in Australia 

Tesla has paused Model 3 Highland deliveries in Australia due to a “technical compliance” issue. The Texas-based automaker sent emails to Tesla Model 3 reservation holders in Australia, informing them of the pause in delivery. 

“We regret to inform you that deliveries of Model 3 in Australia will be paused from close of business on 17 January 2024. 

“This pause is related to a technical compliance matter that we are working closely with the relevant authorities,” Tesla told Model 3 reservation holders in the email. 

Tesla maintained a positive outlook on the matter, writing that the technical compliance issue may lead to a delay in delivery and not a complete stop. The all-electric automaker estimates it may resume Model 3 deliveries in a few weeks. 

The technical compliance issue might be related to the investigation of the Model 3’s top-tether anchor point used to secure car seats for children. The upgraded Model 3 had a top-tether anchor point, following the Australia Design Rules (ADR). However, the anchor point does not follow the ADR’s description to the tee, causing issues with federal regulators in Australia. 

A bunch of Model 3 Highland units landed in Australia recently in Sydney. The units seem charged and ready to be handed over to their new owners. Unfortunately, Model 3 reservation holders must wait a little longer for their new Tesla cars.

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Tesla pauses Model 3 Highland deliveries in Australia 
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