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Tesla Cybertruck pre-production beta shows new interior features

Credit: Rob Maurer of Tesla Podcast

The Tesla Cybertruck pre-production beta is at Gigafactory Texas ahead of Investor Day, where admitted patrons are sharing images of the all-electric pickup and its interior. It looks as sharp as ever.

While several Cybertruck units have been spotted over the past few months, many of the builds have lacked overall quality or consistency from sighting to sighting. The most recent pre-production beta build that is at the Investor Day event just outside the Austin Gigafactory is the best look at the truck we have yet.

More interior photos were also shared by some attendees today, including Sofiaan Fraval, who gave some great looks at what appears to be a new Yoke steering wheel design, differing from past designs. The interior looks extremely clean, with sharp edges and a simplistic interior design. It looks like Tesla has also stuck with the recycled paper dash design, which Teslarati first revealed in late 2019 after the vehicle’s unveiling event.

It also appears the rear seats will fold up, and Tesla will also have a screen for rear passengers, a feature that the automaker first introduced in the refreshed Model S and Model X. It appears Tesla has made several improvements to the vehicle’s interior and continued to refine the Cybertruck with the latest features.

After all, it’s been three and a half years since the Cybertruck was first unveiled to the public, and Tesla has made so many changes to other cars in its lineup since then.

A detailed walk-around also shows improvements to the overall build quality compared to past models, which are tough to put in the same realm since past sightings are of Cybertruck units that have likely undergone years of testing and assessment to determine their ability to withstand some of the most treacherous of conditions.

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Tesla Cybertruck pre-production beta shows new interior features
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