Tesla Cybertruck with cargo racks seen at Supercharger station

Credit: Nic Cruz Patane

Tesla’s long-awaited Cybertruck is finally set to begin deliveries next month, and many are excited about the electric truck’s potential for outdoor recreation add-ons.

On Saturday, Tesla’s Cybertruck was seen charging at a Supercharger with two large cargo racks over the bed cover, as shared on X by Nic Cruz Patane. Patane saw the Cybertruck at a V3 Supercharger station in San Ramon, California, seemingly located at 21001 San Ramon Valey Blvd., as seen on Tesla’s Supercharger map.

The Cybertruck is plugged in and charging in the photo, and Patane said in a separate Reddit thread that the person driving it didn’t know which battery cells it had, along with most answers being “don’t know yet.” Like most of the Cybertrucks spotted in the past few months, the truck includes Texas manufacturer plates.

You can see Patane’s post about the truck on X below, featuring two photos of the roof rack and the Cybertruck from a few different angles.

The news comes after Tesla announced a date for its Cybertruck delivery event during its earnings call last week. The delivery event is set for November 30, four years after the automaker unveiled the Cybertruck in 2019.

During the call, CEO Elon Musk also warned that the Cybertruck would take a year to 18 months to “become a significant positive cash flow contributor,” confirming that over one million people had reserved the vehicle.

Musk also said that the Cybertruck “has a lot of bells and whistles,” and many have shared their own third-party ideas for making the pickup an impressive recreational vehicle and camping-mobile in the past. Recently, Cybertruck release candidates were seen testing raised suspension in Hollister Hills, California, and towing a large trailer.

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Tesla Cybertruck with cargo racks seen at Supercharger station
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