Tesla Cybertruck towing goes on display in new sighting

Credit: Cian Mendoza | Tesla Cybertruck Facebook Group

Tesla Cybertruck’s utility as a vehicle capable of towing has been one of the most sought-after questions since its unveiling in 2019. The Cybertruck will be used for passenger travel more often than in commercial applications, it seems, but for those who plan to use it for work or hauling, it seems there is some question on whether the pickup will be capable of handling heavier loads.

It appears that, with the Cybertruck, that will be the case. Recent images shared by various people who have been lucky enough to see the Tesla Cybertruck on public roads have shown that the truck is capable of handling towing and hauling, and when the time comes for owners to test their new pickup with that task, in particular, it will confront them with few issues.

An image recently shared by Cian Mendoza on the Tesla Cybertruck Facebook Group shows exactly that:

Credit: Cian Mendoza | Tesla Cybertruck Facebook Group

In this particular photo, the Cybertruck is pulling a 24-foot trailer from ATC, a well-known manufacturer of utility haulers and trailers.

The journey started in Palo Alto, California, where Tesla formerly held its headquarters, to Milpitas, California, which is roughly a 23-minute drive, coming in at just 15.4 miles.

Images of the Cybertruck hauling the 24-foot trailer were not the only thing captured by those who were lucky enough to stumble across the vehicle.

There were also videos of the Cybertruck pulling the hauler, like this one:

Tesla said at the Cybertruck unveiling event in 2019 that the pickup would be capable of towing 14,000 pounds, which is comparable to the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado, which have towing ratings of 14,000 and 13,300, respectively

Cybertruck sightings have been plentiful thus far in 2023, and production is moving closer as Tesla has shipped several units to Fremont for crash testing.

There were also haulers packed with Cybertrucks shipped toward the TRC Ohio testing facility.

There have also been more details shed on the vehicle’s overall design, including interiors and frunk space, which have been the biggest question marks for those interested in the Cybertruck throughout the Tesla community.

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Tesla Cybertruck towing goes on display in new sighting
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