Tesla confirms Cybertruck deliveries for November 2023

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has confirmed that it will make the first deliveries of the Cybertruck on November 30, 2023.

With Tesla’s Q3 2023 Shareholder Deck, many investors were looking for any sort of indication of the progress of production of the Cybertruck. It seems the automaker has stopped teasing fans and investors alike and explicitly stated in the earnings release for the third quarter that it will begin the first deliveries of the Cybertruck in November.

The announcement was made atop a picture of the all-electric Semi, with several Cybertruck units packed on the back, perhaps foreshadowing what will likely be a popular sight in the coming years.

Credit: Tesla

Tesla will begin Cybertruck deliveries four years after the automaker initially unveiled the vehicle in 2019 in Los Angeles.

The automaker stated in its Earnings Shareholder Deck that the Cybertruck is in the “pilot production” phase and lists its annual capacity as greater than 125,000 units annually.

The truck will be built at Gigafactory Texas outside Austin, and the news of the imminent launch follows many sightings of the Cybertruck outside of the company’s production plant.

For most of 2023, Tesla has teased fans with Cybertruck-related content. Everything from the pickup wrapped in various designs to it being test-driven in the desert has been used by Tesla to hype up the initial appearances of the all-electric Cybertruck for all of 2023. Although it is several years late, it is the perfect way to cap off what has been a monumental year for Tesla.

The company still plans to deliver 1.8 million units this year, and while it may be a tough achievement to reach in 2023 because of its lackluster Q3, the Cybertruck has a steady sheet of reservations that Tesla will work to fulfill over the coming years. Demand for the Cybertruck is high and has reached over 2 million units.

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Tesla confirms Cybertruck deliveries for November 2023
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