Elon Musk gives a nod to Tesla Cybertruck off-grid ‘cyberliving’

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently gave a nod to the idea of traveling around or perhaps even living in a Cybertruck fifth wheel RV or tiny home. In an interaction on Twitter, the CEO confirmed that tiny home owners would indeed be able to power their houses using the massive all-electric pickup truck. 

The idea of using the Cybertruck for “cyberliving” started not long after the vehicle was unveiled in late 2019. Even before the shock of the Cybertruck’s design wore off, a number of RV enthusiasts and tiny home owners shared their insights and excitement on the upcoming all-electric pickup truck.  

The Cybertruck, after all, will likely feature a monster battery pack, which would probably hold enough energy to power homes for a considerable amount of time.

Among the most notable of these enthusiasts was Karl Gesslein, an off-grid veteran, battery enthusiast, and tiny house owner. Following the all-electric pickup’s introduction, Gesslein wrote an extensive post on his personal website outlining his plans to use the Cybertruck’s battery pack to power his off-grid tiny house. 

Gesslein and his wife are off-grid veterans, having lived off-grid in a normal-sized house for years. Thanks to this experience, the tiny home owner noted that he and his wife could probably run their house off a 13.5 kWh Powerwall 2 battery for a month without any sun if they actively conserve power. 

With this in mind, Gesslein estimated that a Tesla Cybertruck, which would likely have a battery pack that’s around 100 kWh or perhaps even larger, could potentially power a tiny home for hundreds of days. Couple this with the Cybertruck’s solar tonneau cover, and the vehicle could even recharge its batteries just by being exposed to the sun. 

The Tesla Cybertruck is designed to be a vehicle that could take serious work. It is also a pickup that’s designed to weather the elements. This effectively makes the Cybertruck quite perfect for off-grid use. Once the Cybertruck is fully ramped, it would not be much of a surprise if a good number of the pickups end up being used to pull fifth-wheel RVs, or even as power sources for tiny homes. 

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Elon Musk gives a nod to Tesla Cybertruck off-grid ‘cyberliving’
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