Tesla Cybertruck deliveries inch closer with new hint at Giga Texas

Credit: peterdog15/serobinsonjr | Twitter

Tesla Cybertruck deliveries are inching closer with new hints from Gigafactory Texas where the all-electric pickup will be produced.

New images of the Cybertruck have been funneling out of Giga Texas for months. But over the past few days, it appears Tesla is closer than ever to bringing the first units to customers.

A drone shot from operator and Giga Texas observer Jeff Roberts showed a Cybertruck wrapped in the outbound lot at the factory. Why is this significant? In the past, Tesla has not covered its Cybertruck units from an aerial view, nor have we seen units on the outbound lot of the factory in recent memory.

tesla cybertruck wrapped at giga texas

Credit: peterdog15/serobinsonjr | Twitter

Another angle from just off the lot is seen in another image:

These are perhaps the biggest hints to date that Tesla is relatively close to beginning deliveries of the Cybertruck. After all, the automaker said earlier this year that it would hold a delivery event sometime in Q3 to hand over the first units. We are already a month into the quarter, and Tesla is dropping hints every few days that it is close.

Last week, the Cybertruck was spotted charging outside of Giga Texas. Just a few hours later, a video from inside the factory revealed that there were multiple units built inside the walls of the plant, hinting that perhaps a few vehicles might be ready to be handed over to customers.

Tesla Cybertruck frunk details revealed in leaked video from inside Giga Texas

The Cybertruck is still undergoing the testing and validation stages, according to Tesla, but things seem to be extremely close. The pickup has not yet been approved by the EPA, according to the agency’s most recent list of tested vehicles.

The EPA told us they could not comment on the status of certification or fuel economy on non-certified vehicles.

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Tesla Cybertruck deliveries inch closer with new hint at Giga Texas
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