Tesla Cybertruck could be ‘a flop,’ but Elon Musk doesn’t care

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The Tesla Cybertruck’s unique design is unlike any other vehicle on the market, and CEO Elon Musk says there is a chance the all-electric pickup could ultimately flop, but he doesn’t care.

After an Op-Ed was posted on that highlighted the possibility of the Cybertruck being Tesla’s first “flop” vehicle, meaning it won’t sell in incredibly high numbers, Musk stated that there is definitely a possibility that the truck could underperform.

“To be frank, there is always some chance that Cybertruck will flop because it is so unlike anything else,” Musk tweeted. “I don’t care. I love it so much even if others don’t.”

Musk then went on to highlight the vehicle’s unique design. “Other trucks look like copies of the same thing, but Cybertruck looks like it was made by aliens from the future,” he added.”

When Tesla designed the all-electric Cybertruck and unveiled it to the public in November 2019, one of the first portions of the presentation was an image that showed the currently available trucks that consumers can purchase. When the manufacturer’s badge is removed from the vehicle, it is tough to tell the difference between the designs, and this is exactly what Tesla was trying to avoid.

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Tesla has been a revolutionary company in the grand scheme of the automotive sector as a whole. Without the developments of Tesla’s highly talented team of engineers through the years, the EV industry would undoubtedly not be where it is today.

The Cybertruck has mixed reviews depending on who you ask. Some are likely to tell you that the new design is a cool and unique idea that will undoubtedly turn heads when it hits the road. Others will say that it’s ugly, too futuristic, or any other harsh criticism that comes with being “different.”

In reality, the Cybertruck has amassed an impressive 1,000,000+ pre-orders since the November 2019 event. Whether those reservations will remain when the vehicle begins production later this year at Giga Texas remains to be seen. However, there is no doubt the Cybertruck has catalyzed some interest from millions upon millions of people.

Musk also added that the Cybertruck will be free of door handles and will instead use an identification system, likely powered by the rumored Samsung cameras that will be attached to the car. The doors will automatically open.

Additionally, Musk said that the production design of the Cybertruck is “almost exactly same as show car.” Just some small tweaks here & there to make it slightly better.” Musk said in an interview with Joe Rogan that Tesla did modify the truck’s dimensions by less than 3% to make it slightly less bulky, but there were not any significant redesigns made to the Cybertruck.

The truck is expected to be produced by Tesla at Giga Texas by the end of the year. Musk has said that volume production will likely begin in early 2022.

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Tesla Cybertruck could be ‘a flop,’ but Elon Musk doesn’t care
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