Tesla Cybertruck off-road encounter teases potential October deliveries

Credit: @MuddyRuttzz/YouTube

A few days ago, footage of a Cybertruck release candidate in California’s Hollister Hills State Vehicle Recreation Area (SVRA) was posted online. The video attracted a lot of attention since it showed what appeared to be a Cybertruck with a fully raised suspension driving up a dirt road. 

The uploader of the video, off-road enthusiast and Jeep owner David Tapley, has now posted some follow-up footage from the day the Cybertruck was testing at Hollister Hills. As per the Jeep owner, he was able to have a chat with the Tesla team who were testing two Cybertruck units, and he was provided some interesting information about the all-electric pickup truck. 

The Cybertruck’s air suspension, for one, was quite impressive as it could go from very low to very high clearance. In later comments, the off-road enthusiast stated that the Cybertruck should have pretty good clearance as the air suspension can lift the vehicle way up. The Jeep owner also noted that he did not see the Cybertruck driving on a trail, but he did observe the vehicle in the Hollister Hills SVRA’s playground area. 

During its tests, the Cybertruck reportedly had some difficulty climbing some of the obstacles in the playground area, which the off-road enthusiast noted was likely due to the pickup truck’s all-terrain tires not being aired down. Tapley stated that this was likely the case since the Cybertruck evidently has a lot of torque on tap, and its air suspension ensures that there are no issues with ground clearance. 

Most interestingly, the Tesla staff with the Cybertruck reportedly stated that the all-electric truck would have its first deliveries sometime this coming October. That’s roughly just a month away, which means that some lucky reservation holders should be able to receive their Cybertrucks by the end of the year. 

Tesla has been observed testing the Cybertruck in several off-road facilities. Apart from Hollister Hills in California, Tesla has also brought the Cybertruck to the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds (SHPG) in New Zealand. During the vehicle’s tests in the NZ facility, the all-electric pickup truck was observed driving around in areas with heavy snow. Footage of the Cybertruck also showed that Tesla was drifting the Cybertruck on icy roads. 

Watch a new video of the Cybertruck’s day at the Hollister Hills SVRA below.

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Tesla Cybertruck off-road encounter teases potential October deliveries
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