Tesla Cybertruck spotted pulling boat, taking on off-road “stairs”

Credit: Boateka/Facebook

As the wait for the Tesla Cybertruck’s first delivery event continues, sightings of the all-electric pickup truck doing typical truck activities have been increasing in frequency. Just recently, the Cybertruck has been spotted towing a boat just like its combustion-powered counterparts. A Cybertruck was also sighted off-roading, with rather mixed results. 

In a recent post on Facebook, Florida-based boat dealership Boateka noted that its staff was able to get a sneak peek at the Cybertruck this week. The dealership shared two photos of the Cybertruck hauling what appears to be a 21-foot Regal boat. In its post, Boateka remarked that the photos depict one of the first boats ever towed by a Cybertruck. 

The Cybertruck’s boat-hauling capabilities would likely be pretty impressive, considering that the vehicle is expected to be capable of towing heavy loads. Thus, the weight of the apparent 21-foot Regal Boat, which seems to have a dry weight of about 3,250 pounds, was likely no issue for the Cybertruck. 

On the other side of the country, another Tesla Cybertruck, this time a Release Candidate, was sighted tackling the “stairs” at Hollister Hills, California. The stairs are a pretty technical area, and they require some skill to conquer. As could be seen in the Cybertruck video, which was initially posted on Instagram, the all-electric pickup truck was able to get up the “stairs,” though it did so with some apparent difficulty. 

Off-road enthusiasts and EV drivers on social media have weighed in on the Cybertruck’s recent video at Hollister Hills’ stairs, with some observing that the driver of the all-electric pickup truck did not seem very experienced with off-road areas. Others observed that the tires on the Cybertruck looked too inflated when it drove up the slope, which likely gave the vehicle a more difficult time. 

Despite its apparent difficulties going up the stairs at Hollister Hills, it is difficult to deny the fact that the Cybertruck’s suspension system goes extremely high. This was particularly evident in the video, as one could see that the truck was raised significantly as it traversed the steep slope. 

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Tesla Cybertruck spotted pulling boat, taking on off-road “stairs”
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