Lucid rolls out vehicle-to-vehicle charging feature

(Credit: Lucid)

Lucid Group, Inc. released a vehicle-to-vehicle charging feature called RangeXchange, enabling Lucid Air units to charge other electric vehicles (EVs). Lucid also rolled out a RangeXchange charging cable adapter for the feature.

The RangeXchange charging adapter allows energy to flow from a Lucid Air battery pack to any EV at a rate of 9.6 kW. The company estimates that at a charge rate of 9.5 kW, RangeXchange could add between 24 to 40 miles of range per hour in most EVs available in the US market. The range the charging adapter adds depends on the vehicles’ energy efficiency and other environmental factors. 

The luxury EV manufacturer explains that the RangeXchange feature is possible thanks to Lucid’s bi-directional Wunderbox, which combines proprietary software with revolutionary capabilities. RangeXchange is Lucid’s first application of the Wunderbox, hinting that the company has more plans for the technology. 

“Designed and engineered in-house by Lucid, the Wunderbox is far more than just a piece of hardware that charges the battery pack,” said Eric Bach, Senior Vice President of Product and Chief Engineer at Lucid. “From giving other EVs a boost with RangeXchange today to possible future applications like vehicle-to-home backup power, time-of-use (TOU) optimization, and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) power, Lucid’s proprietary bi-directional charging technology has the potential to greatly improve our customers’ lives.”

The RangeXchange feature will be available for purchase in the United States first. It requires a separate purchase of the RangeXchange charging cable adapter, which will be available from Lucid by the end of the month. The RangeXchange feature will be enabled through an over-the-air software update.

Lucid recently announced its adoption of Tesla NACS by 2025. In the press image of the RangeXchange feature release, a Lucid can be seen charging a Tesla. 

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Lucid rolls out vehicle-to-vehicle charging feature
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