First look at Tesla Cybertruck RC car in 1:10 scale in action ahead of deliveries

Tesla Cybertruck RC Car 1:10 Scale in action (Mattel | YouTube)

The Remote Controlled version of the Tesla Cybertruck from Hot Wheels is expected to begin deliveries soon. Mattel, Hot Wheels’ parent company, recently uploaded a video showing some tips and tricks for those who will be driving the 1:10 scale variant of the all-electric Tesla Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck Hot Wheels RC (Source: Hot Wheels)

Mattel decided to utilize a gun-style remote controller for the Cybertruck RC car. Typically, RC cars are compatible with the gun-style controller or a video game-style controller. The Cybertruck’s gun-style controller is a bit more complex than the typical RC car control device due to several adjustment dials that make anyone’s experience more enjoyable. There are dials for both steering and acceleration control that can adjust sensitivity, making speed and handling more accurate for anyone who chooses to navigate the 1:10 scale vehicle to perfection.

Credit: Mattel | YouTube

Other than that, the Cybertruck RC car from Hot Wheels is a relatively straightforward experience and provides an affordable, fun, and safe option for young Tesla fans who cannot get their hands on the all-electric truck quite yet.

The Hot Wheels Cybertruck RC car has related to Tesla in more ways than one. While it matches up with Tesla’s performance standards, it also encountered several production bottlenecks, just as the automaker has unfortunately experienced in the past. In late 2020, Mattel emailed pre-order holders of the 1:10 scale Cybertruck, indicating that deliveries would be delayed until May 2021.  Reservation holders are required to confirm their interest in still owning the Cybertruck RC car by May 1, 2021.

Check out Mattel’s video on the Cybertruck RC car below.

First look at Tesla Cybertruck RC car in 1:10 scale in action ahead of deliveries
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