Tesla Cybertruck shows interesting range rating in unit held by tech reviewer

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Tesla Cybertruck is showing an interesting range calculation in a unit held by well-known tech reviewer Marques Brownlee, and it has the community talking.

Brownlee, who is more commonly known as MKBHD, shared an image of him sitting in the driver’s seat of a Cybertruck just 24 hours from the start of Tesla’s delivery event for the pickup tomorrow.

In the corner of the center screen, we can see that the Cybertruck shows 265 miles of range remaining, and what appears to be one of the ten range indicators shaded out, meaning it could have 81 percent to 90 percent of its range remaining.

This would put the Cybertruck’s range at 291.5 miles on the low end, and at around 315 on the high end. There are obviously a lot of factors, such as wheel size, that could influence the actual range rating, but these are all up for discussion at this point as the EPA has yet to release any information on what it rated the Cybertruck.

Nevertheless, the image is invoking a lot of discussion within the community.

Some are saying that this is a disappointment, while others are being cautious to take this as any indication of what the Cybertruck’s range will be, which is likely the better option right now.

Of course, Tesla could be limiting the range through software in these test mules, as they are keeping a lot of the details of the truck under wraps until the delivery event tomorrow. Tesla has software limited other cars in the past, as recently as August.

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There are also going to be several configurations of the Cybertruck, and this could be a version that does not pack as much range as something that is slated for long range, which could be saved for after the pickup reaches mass production.

Brownlee said he will upload a video that will break down more of the range and battery percentage remaining after some driving, along with other early impressions of the truck.

Ideally, a pickup that will be used to tow and haul will need a bigger range rating as some of it will be lost through the energy used to carry materials. It is probably safer to take this with a big grain of salt and wait for the EPA and Tesla to give more details on range, which will hopefully happen tomorrow.

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Tesla Cybertruck shows interesting range rating in unit held by tech reviewer
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