Tesla Cybertruck looks like CGI in real life in Giga Texas footage

Credit: Tesla Owners of Austin/Twitter

Elon Musk has remarked in the past that the Tesla Cybertruck looks like a CGI render in real life. Based on actual footage taken of the all-electric vehicle during its visit to Giga Texas, it does seem like the CEO is right on the money. The Cybertruck may be made of tangible, cold steel, but from a distance, it almost looks like it belongs in the auto industry’s uncanny valley. 

More footage of the Cybertruck from its previous Giga Texas visit earlier this month continues to be shared on social media. These include the Cybertruck traveling around the facility and videos of the vehicle backing up while surrounded by Giga Texas’ workers. And just as stated by Elon Musk, there are angles when the Cybertruck looks unreal even as it moves about. 

This may be partly due to the vehicle’s strange shape, which is unlike any production car available today in the way that it uses flat metal and glass panels. Together with the vehicle’s unpainted steel surface, the Cybertruck gives the impression that it’s a vehicle that recently drove away from the set of a sci-fi flick. 

And ultimately, this may be one of the reasons why the Cybertruck has become part of pop culture. There’s just something about the vehicle, after all, from its brutalist design to its unashamedly angular appearance, that makes it memorable. It’s not traditionally attractive like the next-generation Tesla Roadster, and one could even argue that it’s an ugly truck to a degree. But even those that deem the Cybertruck ugly would admit that its design is eye-catching and memorable. 

This was definitely highlighted in the Cybertruck’s Giga Texas appearance. The all-electric pickup truck attracted a lot of attention from the factory’s workers, despite a good number of those workers likely owning pickup trucks themselves. Texas is pickup country, after all, with trucks comprising a good portion of the state’s overall auto sales. 

For the Cybertruck to be successful and disruptive like its siblings such as the Model 3 and Model Y, the vehicle would have to attract a good number of traditional pickup buyers. This would likely be slightly challenging considering its appearance, but Tesla is equipping the Cybertruck with features that would likely make it attractive even to conventional pickup buyers. 

These include a 6.5-foot bed, a 14,000-lb towing capacity, and a tri-motor setup that allows it to travel from 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds. Together with utility features like adaptive air suspension that makes loading cargo easier, and a generous 100 cu ft of storage, the Cybertruck would likely be able to match and perhaps even exceed some of today’s most popular pickup trucks

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Tesla Cybertruck looks like CGI in real life in Giga Texas footage
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