First look at Tesla Cybertruck’s new interior option

Credit: Tesla Cybertruck Owners Club Forum user CybertruckCovers

Last week, Tesla launched a new Cybertruck interior option with Tactical Grey, an alternative from the default color of White that has been offered since the truck was first delivered last November.

Now, we are getting a first look at the Tactical Grey with new images that have been shared.

The Tesla Cybertruck interior is minimalistic, clean, and simple, like the rest of the company’s lineup. However, Tesla has made the Cybertruck interior slightly different because it is the first pickup in its lineup.

Tesla offers different interior options with its other vehicles. The Cybertruck now has a second option, and here are our first looks, fresh from its release last week.

Tesla Cybertruck Tactical Grey Interior

The images, which were spotted by CybertruckCovers on the Cybertruck Owners Club Forum, show the new Tactical Grey interior color:

The color is a tad bit lighter than what Tesla showed on its website with the initial color options:

It still appears to be a good color and a good option for those who may not be interested in any white interior on their Cybertruck, which could be prone to dirt and grime if the pickup is being used for work.

Interestingly, there is also some references to the Cybertruck’s new Tactical Grey colorway in the Service Manual, as spotted by jf64k of the Cybertruck Owners Club Forum:

Credit: Tesla

Along with the new interior color of Tactical Grey, Tesla also launched a new 20″ Core Cybertruck wheel design last week, giving owners the opportunity to customize their pickup more.

Cybertruck reservation holders in the order queue can still modify their orders to include these new designs.

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First look at Tesla Cybertruck’s new interior option
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