Tesla launches new Cybertruck options to make it your own

Credit: Tesla | Sawyer Merritt

Tesla has launched two new Cybertruck options for further customization of the interior and wheels as it continues to navigate early deliveries.

The Cybertruck has widely been a cookie-cutter vehicle for early adopters. It has not offered much customization as the streamlined manufacturing process has been at the forefront of the vehicle’s early era.

However, now that production is continuing to ramp up, it appears Tesla is offering customers the opportunity to choose a few different options, catering to a refined interior look and a new wheel design.

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The options are only available on the Foundation Series, which is the Cybertruck’s early trim level as it continues to work through the first year of deliveries.

New Tactical Grey Interior

Tesla has launched a new Tactical Grey Interior for the Cybertruck. It covers the dash and door panels, which was formerly only available in a White option.

Here’s a comparison of the two interior options now that Tesla has launched Tactical Grey for the Cybertruck:

New 20″ Core Cybertruck Wheels

The Tesla Cybertruck now has 20″ Core wheels as an option for reservation holders.

This wheel design also comes with a new tire compound with improved range, offering more efficiency and comfort in various weather conditions.

These new features can be added to existing orders in the queue. However, there is the likelihood that your delivery date will be pushed back as Tesla will need to build your vehicle to spec before it completes delivery.

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Tesla launches new Cybertruck options to make it your own
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