Tesla Cybertruck’s “insane” characteristics are entirely intentional

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It appears that the Tesla Cybertruck’s production version would indeed be as crazy as its prototype suggests. As per Elon Musk’s recent comments on Twitter, the Cybertruck would be a technology bandwagon — an insane one at that — and it is intentionally designed that way, from its unique features to its one-of-a-kind look. 

Musk’s recent comments came as a response to a Twitter post about the Tesla Model S Plaid’s controversial steering yoke. The Model S Plaid’s steering yoke has been a polarizing aspect of the flagship all-electric sedan, though some owners of the company’s flagship vehicles have noted that they now prefer the yoke to a regular steering wheel. Musk, for his part, has maintained that the new Model S and Model X’s steering yokes provide drivers with an unobstructed view of the instrument cluster.

And when asked if the upcoming Cybertruck would be released with a steering yoke, Musk responded by stating that the all-electric pickup truck’s insane features are intentional. Musk later added that the Cybertruck will “reach far into a post-apocalyptic future & bring that technology to now.” 

Musk’s recent comments about the Cybertruck suggest that Tesla would be fitting the all-electric pickup truck with a variety of features that are not found in the company’s current vehicle lineup. This could go both ways for Tesla, as the vehicle’s designation as an “insane technology bandwagon” could make it extremely attractive for buyers. On the flip side, it could also make the vehicle very challenging to build and ramp due to its complexity. 

Needless to say, the latter scenario would be quite ironic as Tesla designed the Cybertruck to be easy to manufacture as possible, as hinted at by its flat body panels that require no paint nor traditional stamping. Considering that Tesla would most likely utilize new innovations such as its 4680 cells for the Cybertruck’s production and ramp, having the vehicle loaded to the teeth with insane technology might be quite risky. The company, after all, learned hard lessons during the Model X’s ramp, which Musk himself noted was partly due to “hubris.”

That being said, Tesla is a far different beast today compared to the young EV startup that attempted the Model X years ago. With the company’s experience in the auto sector, perhaps it may be feasible to launch an insane vehicle like the Tesla Cybertruck without being plagued by self-inflicted blows due to overconfidence.

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Tesla Cybertruck’s “insane” characteristics are entirely intentional
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