Tesla rolls out updates to the Model S Plaid’s steering yoke to make it more intuitive

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There is no doubt that the new Tesla Model S’ steering yoke is controversial. Largely deemed as an Achilles Heel of sorts to an otherwise perfect car, the steering yoke has seen heavy criticism from some of the vehicle’s reviewers. Fortunately for Model S owners who have already taken delivery of the flagship sedan, Tesla has started rolling out some improvements to the steering yoke to make it more intuitive. 

The updates to the Model S’ steering yoke were rolled out with update 2021.36. With the updates in place, the new Model S’ turn signals will now automatically cancel on completion of a maneuver. Pressing and holding the “high beams” button would also activate the windshield washers. Tesla describes these changes in 2021.36’s Release Notes

“Your turn signals will now automatically turn off when the vehicle detects a merge, fork or lane change maneuver has been completed. If an upcoming navigation event is detected in the direction of the turn signal, or if the vehicle detects a subsequent lane change, the turn signal will not turn off until the maneuver is complete. Turn signals will always latch when pressed. Additionally, you can now press and hold to latch high beam, and to activate the windshield washer.

“Note: Turn signals will cancel based on steering angle regardless of the selected setting for Automatic turn signals.”

These updates to the new Model S’ steering yoke would go a long way towards making the flagship sedan more convenient to use. Tesla appears to have designed the new Model S and the upcoming Model X with convenience and automation in mind, after all, which is likely one of the reasons why the flagship vehicles were designed with no turn stalks or physical shift levers. This suggests that the user experience of the Model S and Model X would likely rely on how well Tesla could optimize the automated features of the vehicles for everyday use. 

Tesla’s 2021.36 update also introduced some cold weather improvements, such as one which allows vehicles to automatically adjust their windshield wiper wash sequence to a car’s moving speed, thereby ensuring that salt and grime are cleaned well. Improvements to battery preconditioning systems were also introduced to prepare vehicles better for a Supercharging session. Autopark has also been improved to identify perpendicular parking spots as well, and Bioweapon Defense Mode could now be engaged through the Tesla mobile app. 

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Tesla rolls out updates to the Model S Plaid’s steering yoke to make it more intuitive
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