Tesla is delivering 50 more Semi units to PepsiCo

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It appears that PepsiCo’s Tesla Semi pilot program has been successful so far. During his talk at the ACT Expo clean transportation conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dan Priestley, the Senior Manager of the Tesla Semi program, revealed that efforts are now underway to deliver 50 more units of the all-electric Class 8 truck to PepsiCo. 

The Tesla Semi is undoubtedly late, but the vehicles that have been delivered so far have been performing well. This reportedly became evident with PepsiCo, whose fleet of 21 Tesla Semi units beat expectations last year when it came to real-world performance. This was highlighted during the North American Council for Freight Efficiency’s Run on Less event last year, where the Tesla Semi traveled more miles per day on average compared to its peers. 

“We are building more trucks this year. As I mentioned, we’re delivering another 50 currently to PepsiCo, and then we’re putting more trucks into our operations. We’re actually set to deliver some this year to some other customers as well,” Priestley said

The Tesla Semi executive also debunked rumors that the Class 8 all-electric trucks have been mostly hauling chips, which are very light. As per Priestley, the Tesla Semi fleet at PepsiCo has actually mostly been hauling beverages, so the vehicles are not necessarily performing easier tasks compared to their diesel-powered counterparts.

“Just to be clear, I think there’s actually a mild misunderstanding about how PepsiCo has used their trucks. It’s sometimes characterized that they’re hauling chips, but in fact, it’s actually the PepsiCo division that have more trucks hauling beverages on a regular basis,” the Tesla executive noted. 

During last year’s Run on Less event, one PepsiCo Tesla Semi was tracked to have traveled 1,076 miles in one day. The day included three quick 750-kW fast charging stops, which brought the Tesla Semi’s battery charge to 47%, 89%, and 52%, as noted in an Automotive News report. Tesla noted then that 60% of the miles driven over the days when the Tesla Semi was tracked were with a gross vehicle weight of over 70,000 pounds, close to the 82,000-pound limit for zero-emission Class 8 trucks. 

Watch Dan Priestley’s talk at the ACT Expo in the video below.

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Tesla is delivering 50 more Semi units to PepsiCo
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