Bespoke Tesla interiors teased by luxury sustainable materials disruptor

Credit: Von Holzhausen/Twitter

Teslas are premium vehicles and their tech stands far beyond the competition, but some of their more traditional components — such as the materials used in their interiors — are typically not on par with those utilized by legacy luxury carmakers like Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.

A recent teaser from materials innovation company von Holzhausen suggests that the EV maker’s vehicles are about to get some luxurious interior options. The short teaser featured a Model S interior with burnt orange seats and what seemed like bespoke accents.

von Holzhausen hinted that more announcements are coming on June 21, 2022.

On its website, von Holzhausen notes that it is a sustainable “material innovator” that’s on a mission to make leather extinct. The company sells premium items such as handbags, belts, backpacks, and other items, all of which are made from sustainable materials. The company is also highly focused on recycling materials that have been discarded.

The company seems very busy, announcing that its Banbū Leather biodegrades 100% in less that 250 days (in a landfill) as opposed to PU, which takes hundreds of years to biodegrade. Last month, von Holzhausen also announced a partnership with Australian biotechnology company Nanollose to develop vegan leather from plants and recycled content.

It remains unknown how von Holzhausen’s apparent luxury Tesla interiors will be rolled out. It may be offered by the materials innovator itself, or it could be offered by Tesla as a more luxurious option for its vehicles. It may also be offered through aftermarket companies such as Unplugged Performance, which has extensive experience modifying and tuning Teslas over the years.

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Bespoke Tesla interiors teased by luxury sustainable materials disruptor
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