Tesla seems distracted and is “losing its way:” Lucid CEO

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Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson recently shared some of his thoughts on Tesla. As per Rawlinson, the electric vehicle maker was a highly-focused company during the days of the Tesla Model S’ development, but today, it would appear that Tesla has lost its way. 

Rawlinson’s comments were shared in a recent episode of BBC’s Wake Up To Money. The episode was focused on the electric vehicle market, so it was no surprise that Rawlinson was among the guests featured on the show. The Lucid CEO worked at Tesla from 2009 to 2012, and he played a part in the development of the Model S sedan. 

Rawlinson noted that when he was at Tesla, it was evident that the company was at the cutting edge of the industry. Tesla was also focused. “I was there for three years from 2009 through to 2012, and at that stage, Tesla was truly at the cutting edge, developing the most advanced technology with clarity, a vision and purpose, and an absolute singularity of mindset,” Rawlinson noted. 

The Lucid CEO noted, however, that this focus seems to have disappeared from Tesla, so much so that the company seems to be losing its way. This, Rawlinson noted, presents an opportunity for Lucid, as it could allow the company to push the EV segment forward

“What I’m seeing now is I’m seeing a worrying trend towards distraction. Tesla seems to be distracted. There’s an interest in social media, even politics, and it’s kind of losing its way. I don’t see it having that singular sense of purpose, and I think it really falls to Lucid to take the technology to a whole new level now,” Rawlinson noted.  

Lucid would likely have to go through several challenges before it could become the company that truly pushes the EV revolution forward. Citing people reportedly familiar with the matter, EV news noted that Lucid is cutting about 6% of its workforce as part of a restructuring and cost reduction plan. Affected departments reportedly include vehicle engineering, powertrain, manufacturing, and human resources, among others. 

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Tesla seems distracted and is “losing its way:” Lucid CEO
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