Tesla’s Elon Musk has become “Beijing’s ideal foreign investor:” Reuters

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During Elon Musk’s visit to China, one thing became evident. The Tesla CEO is very well-liked, particularly by government officials who gave Musk warm welcomes at every stop. Musk was even fed a special menu that was designed to make him and his team comfortable after their journey to China. 

Needless to say, Musk definitely seems to be getting a lot of positive treatment from the country’s officials. This is no surprise in a way, considering that Musk and Tesla have contributed significantly to China’s auto sector. Gigafactory Shanghai, after all, is Tesla’s largest factory by volume, and it also serves as the company’s primary vehicle export hub. 

Gigafactory Shanghai is capable of producing 750,000 all-electric vehicles per year, which is equivalent to about 10% of China’s total New Energy Vehicle sales in 2022. Gigafactory Shanghai’s exports have also helped China overtake Japan as the world’s top automobile exporter in the first quarter, as noted in a Reuters report. 

China’s positive reception of Musk is especially noticeable considering that executives from JP Morgan and Starbucks were also in the country this week. Apple CEO Tim Cook visited China in March as well. None of them appeared to have received the same level of attention and treatment that Musk received during his current visit. 

Katrina Hamlin from Reuters summarized China’s favor of the CEO. “His success is nonetheless conspicuous, demonstrating that the country is still open to foreign investors despite political tensions. Musk has become Beijing’s ideal foreign investor,” Hamlin said. 

Musk has been extremely busy since arriving in China on May 30. Just hours after landing in Beijing, the CEO was in a meeting with Foreign Minister Qin Gang, and he was later photographed with CATL’s CEO and founder later during the day. The next day of Musk’s visit was even busier, with the CEO meeting with more officials and making a stop at Gigafactory Shanghai. Photos uploaded on social media indicated that Musk and Tesla executives were at Giga Shanghai late into the night. 

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Tesla’s Elon Musk has become “Beijing’s ideal foreign investor:” Reuters
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