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Tesla CEO Elon Musk makes major announcement on Summon features

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a major announcement regarding the development of Summon features today, indicating there is hope for those who have been waiting for the suite to be slightly more effective.

Smart Summon is a unique feature in Teslas that allows an owner to literally summon their vehicle to their location using the Tesla App.

Using GPS as a target destination, the vehicle will utilize its suite of cameras to navigate through parking lots, avoiding stationary cars and people and other objects like carts in order to pick up the owner. It has come in handy in numerous scenarios, including in torrential rain storms.

More of a luxury, it is a unique feature that has also been referred to as a party trick.

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However, it is undoubtedly an advantage Tesla owners have that other vehicles simply cannot offer.

Even still, the feature has been in need of major improvements, and Tesla has been working on improving the performance of the Summon suite, which includes Smart Summon and Reverse Summon, and also Park Seek, for some time.

We now have details from CEO Elon Musk that indicate the features could be coming out soon with major improvements.

Musk’s hint that a “major update” for Summon features is on the way is definitely indicative that Tesla has been refining the features for some time. However, the timeline is something that still seems to be about as clear as muddy waters, and that is something that Tesla and Musk have both become known for.

Musk has said for years that Tesla will solve Full Self-Driving “by the end of the year,” but which year has yet to be determined.

While nobody expects FSD or full autonomy to be an easy riddle to solve, we have no idea what will be completed or when, so there is still some skepticism in terms of the development of Summon-based features and when they’re going to be available to owners.

This is evident in Musk’s October 2022 Tweets that indicated, “(Actually) Smart Summon is almost done.” Still, there were no subsequent released that stated the feature was ready to roll out to customers.

Tesla FSD “Actual” Smart Summon is almost done

Tesla is cautious with its rollouts and software improvements, usually releasing them to Tesla employees before the general public.

Nevertheless, Tesla has made strides in its development of Full Self-Driving, and it has all started with the release of numerous Beta versions that have improved the performance of vehicles. While reviews are relatively mixed, there are certainly ways Tesla has improved in its development.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk makes major announcement on Summon features
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