Tesla owner apologizes for staging “brake failure” incident in China

Credit: Tesla China/Twitter

A Tesla owner in China issued a public apology on social media and admitted to staging a “brake failure” incident with his Model X. The recent TikTok video was among a recent wave of public apologies in China, as Tesla’s legal team initiates a crackdown on inaccurate reports and false posts that could damage the company.

In his apology, the Tesla owner admitted that his Model X never had any issues with regards to its brakes over the three years he owned the vehicle. The EV owner also remarked that the TikTok skit, which was supposed to show a Model X “brake failure” incident, was for entertainment purposes only.

After being embroiled in a “brake failure” controversy in April following a disgruntled Model 3 owner’s protest at the Shanghai Auto Show, Tesla China’s legal team has become more assertive when dealing with false information. Since then, official apologies from both media outlets and social media users have emerged online. Some media outlets have even called on their peers to delete their false articles, particularly with regards to Tesla’s alleged brake issues.

One of these apologies involved a TikTok user who admitted that she fabricated an untrue story about the EV maker. The TikTok user noted that Tesla’s legal team had sent a letter demanding that she takedown an inaccurate social media post and apologize. Tesla China’s legal team also created its own Weibo page, suggesting that the company’s assertive anti-misinformation strategy would be ramping in the near future.

Tesla has been improving its customer relations in China over the past months. Following the international coverage of the disgruntled Model 3 owner’s protest at the Shanghai Auto Show, Tesla established a “Special Handling Team” to address special customer concerns.

“Tesla respects and firmly obeys the decisions of relevant government departments, respects consumers, abides by laws and regulations, and resolutely actively cooperates with all investigations of relevant government departments. To this end, we have set up a special handling team, dedicated to special handling, and strive to meet the demands of car owners and strive to satisfy car owners while complying with laws and regulations,” Tesla wrote on Weibo.

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Tesla owner apologizes for staging “brake failure” incident in China
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