CNBC calls out Tesla Free Supercharging lawsuit over its ridiculous premise

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Tesla received a rather interesting if not unusual vote of support from CNBC recently, with Executive Edge host Becky Quick calling out a recent lawsuit against the company over its unreasonable nature. While reporting on a lawsuit recently filed against Tesla over the company’s Free Unlimited Supercharging offer, the host noted that the plaintiff of the lawsuit was a “crank.” 

The lawsuit in question was filed by Tesla owner Kevin Shenkman, who bought a vehicle with Free Lifetime Unlimited Supercharging. According to Shenkman, Tesla broke its promise to provide free Supercharging for the lifetime of his vehicle because he incurred idling fees. The fees were generated because he left his car plugged into the public chargers even after his Tesla was done charging. 

Shenkman is looking to represent all Tesla adopters to recover their possible idling fee costs. He is also seeking punitive damages as well as an order that would stop Tesla from imposing idling fees on vehicles that were sold with Lifetime Free Unlimited Supercharging. 

Shenkman’s lawsuit has gained a lot of attention, though numerous Tesla owners online have argued that Lifetime Free Unlimited Supercharging only pertains to the entire charging session of a vehicle. After the charging session is completed, a Tesla, even if it has free Supercharging, would effectively just be a vehicle that’s blocking access to a charging stall. A penalty is thus justified.

Others further noted that it is pretty difficult to incur Supercharging idling fees, as Tesla’s mobile app notifies owners of their vehicles’ state of charge, and charging from 80% to 100% pretty much gives owners an extra 20-30 minutes or so of additional time. The fees are primarily incurred only when Superchargers are busy as well. CNBC‘s Becky Quick seems to agree with this idea. 

“Can we back that up for a second? One guy wants to sue them because they are breaking their promise for free charging for life because you get a fine if you leave it there for too long? Talk about a crank. Move you car so somebody else can charge it. I can’t believe we’re doing a headline on this,” the CNBC host said. 

Ultimately, Supercharging idling fees are generally avoidable. Amidst all the notifications and reminders that are sent to drivers, one has to be pretty careless to incur Supercharging idling fees. It must also be pointed out that for vehicles with Free Lifetime Unlimited Supercharging, the “charging” part remains free. It’s the “parking” and blocking the charging stall afterward that generates the fee. 

Watch CNBC‘s feature on the Tesla lawsuit in the video below. 

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CNBC calls out Tesla Free Supercharging lawsuit over its ridiculous premise
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