Tesla’s in-house cell development efforts expand in Fremont

Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s in-house cell development efforts are expanding at the Fremont Factory once again, filings show.

Tesla has been developing and building cells at factories for many years. Gigafactory Nevada is likely the most familiar to many people, but Tesla expanded cell manufacturing and development efforts in Fremont as well. Not only did the company develop cells within the walls of the Fremont factory at one point, but it also built prototype cells of the recent 4680 chemistry at a facility nearby known as Kato Road.

Tesla has other addresses apart from the 45500 Fremont Avenue address that are technically a part of the Fremont Factory, one of which is 901 Page Avenue.

tesla 901 page ave

Credit: Google Maps

Tesla added this building to the Fremont Factory property in 2015, and according to recent filings, the automaker is expanding electric vehicle battery cell development within the building.

According to the filings, Tesla signed the application today, December 21, with the application stating:

“Cell Development Lab – New Cell Lab at 1st Floor”

tesla 901 page ave

Credit: City of Fremont

Job postings on Tesla’s website indicate the company is seeking employees in positions dealing with engineering techniques like powder processing and wet chemistry processing. It is not confirmed, but this position could be related to the new cell lab, primarily as the posting lists Fremont as the location.

Tesla said in filings the project would cost $1.5 million.

In an effort to supplement cell manufacturing and increase battery availability, Tesla has made strides to build cells on its own. We recently reported that Tesla would build Cybertruck battery packs at the Fremont Factory, preparing for the initial production of the pickup next year at Gigafactory Texas.

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Tesla’s in-house cell development efforts expand in Fremont
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