Tesla FSD Beta rollout to new testers resumes with latest 2023 update

Credit: Drive in EV/Twitter

Reports from Tesla owners online suggest that the electric vehicle maker has resumed the rollout of Full Self-Driving Beta (FSD Beta) to new testers. The release of the advanced driver assist system had previously been paused for new users following an FSD Beta-related recall from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). 

The NHTSA recall on FSD Beta affected over 362,000 vehicles, which was essentially the company’s FSD Beta tester fleet. At the time, Tesla noted that in rare circumstances, when FSD Beta is engaged, the system could “potentially infringe upon local traffic laws or customs” while executing certain driving maneuvers. The company also stated then that no new testers would be added to the FSD Beta fleet until the issue was resolved. 

It did not take long before Tesla rolled out an update which addressed the issue that triggered the NHTSA recall. Despite this, the company still maintained its pause on the rollout of FSD Beta to new customers. 

That is, at least, until today, when numerous Tesla owners reported receiving FSD Beta access with the release of 2023.12.10. The release included FSD Beta 11.3.6, which has received polarizing reviews from users so far. 

While the resumption of FSD Beta’s rollout is definitely great news, the release of v11.3.6 with 2023.12.10 may only be a transition of sorts. Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently suggested on Twitter that FSD Beta 11.4.2 would be rolling out soon. In his post, Musk stated that the upcoming update would “address excess conservatism with narrow roads & with lane changes in heavy traffic.”

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Tesla FSD Beta rollout to new testers resumes with latest 2023 update
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