Tesla garners support from charging companies for NACS connector

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Tesla is garnering support from charging companies on Monday for its North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector after several high-profile companies have agreed to partnerships with the automaker also to adopt it.

Earlier today, we already covered some of the companies that have adopted NACS.

Tesla NACS gains support from other EV charging companies

Tesla has already signed well-publicized deals with both Ford and General Motors (GM) that will see the two legacy companies make the NACS connector standard on their vehicles starting in 2025.

The companies will also gain access to Tesla’s Supercharger Network at 12,000 locations across North America but will need an adapter to do so until the vehicles are built with NACS as a standard.

The two monumental partnerships have already had residual effects as numerous charging companies have made announcements this morning that they would also adopt the NACS connector to support charging across the automakers that choose to utilize it.

Blink Charging was the first company to announce its intentions to adopt NACS in a statement this morning:

“Given recent announcements by Tesla, GM, and Ford, we are clearly witnessing the continued evolution of the EV charging industry as technologies advance and industry stakeholders come together and evaluate best practices.”

Kempower then came out with a similar announcement this morning, stating that it was prepared to add NACS to all North American deliveries.

“We want to offer reliable and smooth charging for all electric car drivers in North America. One of our strengths is our ability to respond quickly to customer and market expectations – we are adding NACS to our portfolio to continue to offer the best charging experience for all EV drivers across the globe,” the company said.

Both Tritium and ChargePoint followed up with announcements of their own, pledging to adopt NACS.

The acceptance of NACS following Tesla’s partnerships with Ford and GM are encouraging for the widespread adoption of the connector, which was first pushed by Aptera earlier this year. The connector will enable more vehicles to utilize Tesla’s Supercharger network, but also for the NACS to become the national standard, potentially replacing CCS charging connectors.

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Tesla garners support from charging companies for NACS connector
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