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Aptera wants Congress to adopt Tesla Supercharger plugs as U.S. Standard for EVs

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Aptera is calling on the United States Congress to adopt Tesla’s Supercharger and electric vehicle connectors, ditching the CCS and SAE J1772, which are currently the standard.

“While electric vehicle technology has rapidly advanced, the charging standard in the U.S. has not,” Aptera wrote in an email to Teslarati. “CCS and SAE J1772, the US’s common standards, are clunky, cumbersome, and expensive.”

The message continues, calling on Congress to make changes to the standards of EV charging before it spends a projected $4 billion on infrastructure through the next five years.

“At Aptera, we’re calling on Congress to adopt Tesla’s Supercharger technology as the standard for ALL EV charging in the U.S.,” Aptera said in its statement. “With the best charging experience for drivers and less expensive installation costs, our country could begin expanding our charging infrastructure at a much-reduced cost, saving $4 billion dollars on projected infrastructure spending through 2027.”

Aptera CEO Chris Anthony recently stated that the company was considering adopting Tesla’s charging connector for its vehicles, praising its ease of use, compatibility with varying charging speeds, and its look.

Aptera has also launched a petition that has amassed over 2,900 signatures, looking for additional support from EV users everywhere who can give politicians real-world experience and stories regarding charging. “Imagine if every electric vehicle could utilize Tesla’s lightweight, incredibly efficient, elegant connector?” Aptera states in its petition.

Interestingly, Aptera also mentioned in its petition the cost of savings that were displayed during a recent study in Texas that proved Superchargers cost around one-fifth of other networks. Teslarati covered that story in mid-April, which showed that Texas grant money set aside for EV charging infrastructure was not slotted out for Tesla, despite having fractional costs in terms of installation and operation.

Tesla denied grant applications in Texas for Superchargers despite fractional costs

Aptera will continue to push for Tesla Supercharger connectors to be made standard, and their petition can be signed here.

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Aptera wants Congress to adopt Tesla Supercharger plugs as U.S. Standard for EVs
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