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Tesla’s NACS connector gains support from CharIN, but admits it must go through due process

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Tesla’s North American Charging Standard connector has gained support from Charging Interface Initiative, or CharIn, the largest global association focused on the electrification of all forms of transportation, but admits it must go through a due process in a standards development organization before it becomes a standard.

CharIN acknowledged the adoption of NACS by numerous companies in a statement made on Monday, saying, “Some of our CharIN North America members are interested in adopting the North America Charging Standard (NACS) form factor.”

However, the organization says NACS “is not yet a standard” because it “does not provide an open charging ecosystem for industry to build upon.”

“Customers and the EV industry need trustworthy open charging standards to ensure confidence in the availability, reliability, safety, and adaptability of the standard over time,” CharIN said. “NACS should be submitted to standards bodies to unify the charging standards market in North America.”

CharIN is standing behind its CCS and MCS connectors, which have been made a standard through their due diligence, which includes protocols DIN 70121 and ISO 15118 based on power line communication which enables their functionality.

“These protocols were created for CCS but are versatile communication standards that could help build bridges across all charging standards in North America.”

CharIN said it will work to create a task force that will enable requirements with the goal of making NACS to be a standard. “An open standardization process ensures proper peer review of the technology and the ability of all interested parties to contribute to the development of this standard,” the organization said.

More companies are already adopting the NACS connector, including Ford and GM, through announcements earlier this month. However, more companies are adopting it, as many announcements were made earlier today by charging entities.

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Tesla’s NACS connector gains support from CharIN, but admits it must go through due process
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