Tesla NACS gains support from other EV charging companies

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Tesla North America Charging Standard (NACS) is steadily gaining more support from other companies providing electric vehicle (EV) charging services. At the 36th Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition (EVS36CA) in Sacramento, California, Tesla NACS appeared in at least two companies’ charging stall designs. 

EV charging companies XCHARGE and Blink Charging showcased EV charging stalls that featured Tesla NACS. XCHARGE offers EV charging services in Europe, Asia, and North America. The international company has over 40,000 Xchargers in more than 25 countries, providing over 200+ GWh of charge per month. Meanwhile, Blink Charging offers charging services throughout the United States, where Tesla hopes to make NACS the standard EV charging connector and charge port. 

Given XCHARGE and Blink Charging’s exhibits at EVS36CA, the companies may have started working on Tesla NACS charging stalls a while back–considering it takes time to design charging stalls. When Tesla first announced NACS in 2022, the company hinted that it was already working with Network operators. XCHARGE and Blink Charging’s NACS stalls might result from their work with Tesla. 

“Network operators already have plans in motion to incorporate NACS at their chargers, so Tesla owners can look forward to charging at other networks without adapters. Similarly, we look forward to future electric vehicles incorporating the NACS design and charging at Tesla’s North American Supercharging and Destination Charging networks,” wrote Tesla in 2022. 

Tesla NACS has already gained support from prominent legacy automakers Ford and General Motors, likely supercharging its adoption. Since Ford and General Motors announced their use of NACS, other EV charging providers have decided to use Tesla’s design. ABB E-mobility, a veteran in the DC fast charging market, announced its NACS adoption shortly after General Motors. EverCharge made a similar statement following ABB E-mobility

Tesla aims to make NACS the standard charging connector and port in North America. Given recent events, Tesla seems likely to achieve its goal.

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Tesla NACS gains support from other EV charging companies
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