Tesla Giga Berlin drone operator gets OK from Elon Musk after police run-in

Credit: YouTube | Tesla Kid Grünheide

A YouTuber popular for providing the Tesla community with Giga Berlin drone footage has been given the green light from CEO Elon Musk to film aerial video of the factory site. The response from Musk came after “Tesla Kid Grünheide,”  was shut down by local police after flying his drone above the site that will occupy Tesla’s first European production plant.

Silas, who runs the Tesla Kid Grünheide accounts, uploaded a video on March 28, described his run-in with security at the site who informed him that drone aerials were illegal at the site. YouTube channel Now You Know described the situation that nearly placed Silas under arrest, in a video with a call to action to “Tweet this Video at Elon”.

The video would end up catching the attention of Musk and green light future drone flights by Silas.

Credit: YouTube

Several Germany-based Tesla enthusiasts have been responsible for breaking several important stories that have to do with the development of land at the Giga Berlin site. Silas is one of the more popular content creators, as his birds-eye views of the property tell a story of Tesla’s fast-moving development of the land. His most popular videos detail Tesla’s initial tree removal efforts that set the company’s development of the property into motion. While these trees were being removed, Tesla was looking for surrounding land areas that would be suitable for replacement trees. The electric car maker has promised to replace the uprooted trees by threefold in regions throughout Germany.

Tesla’s development of the Giga Berlin land, which the company purchased for $45.48M just after the beginning of the New Year, started in January. The electric carmaker has the support of the country’s government officials who feel the production plant could provide a substantial boost to the country’s economy. Tesla has overcome numerous hurdles since the start of 2020 to continue its strong push toward meeting its initial production goal of July 2021, when it plans to begin churning out Model Y crossovers for European car buyers.

Musk’s approval of Silas’ drone footage will provide Tesla enthusiasts across the world with an updated look at what is going on at the site regularly. While many Tesla supporters are dependent on the footage to confirm rumors of what is going on at the site, it is refreshing to know Musk supports the spread of news so fans around the world can stay updated on what is going on at the Giga Berlin site.

Tesla Giga Berlin drone operator gets OK from Elon Musk after police run-in
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