Volkswagen takes steps to address employee anxiety over EV shift

Credit: Volkswagen

In an effort to ease employee anxiety over the inevitable transition to electric vehicles, German automaker Volkswagen has come up with a unique solution. The company is requesting that its workers participate in an escape room experience featuring collaborative games and puzzles. The activities are expected to help ease employees’ job security concerns amidst the EV transition.

Volkswagen is spending $95 billion in new technology through 2026. The company’s eMotionRoom project at its Wolfsburg headquarters is part of this initiative, as it is designed to help retrain roughly 22,000 workers to produce electric vehicles. The company plans to begin with about 1,200 employees who will work on the ID.3, which is expected to enter production later this year. 

The eMotionRoom project features three intricately designed rooms where employees must solve various puzzles and problems within 20 minutes. The first room takes players back to the 19th century, which marks the invention of the first electric motors. The second room follows the history of the Wolfsburg plant to the present day, and the final room is futuristic, featuring a glimpse into the future of driving.

Teams of four must solve various problems in each of the three rooms, similar to classic escape rooms. Two instructors from the Group Academy would guide each group via video link. It should be noted that the eMotionRoom is a component of Volkswagen’s eMotionDay, which incorporates other training modules such as the use of virtual reality (VR) headsets in production. The eMotionRoom project is expected to be operational until the end of 2024. 

Gunnar Kilian, Volkswagen’s head of human resources, noted that training workers for a time when the internal combustion engine is no more is pertinent. “Volkswagen is constantly working on innovative training and development concepts as we move towards becoming a provider of sustainable and software-oriented mobility. These concepts are our key to a successful transformation. The more digital our world becomes, the more crucial our team’s skills become for our competitiveness,” Kilian said. 

Volkswagen intends to produce two additional electric vehicles, in addition to the ID.3, at its Wolfsburg site by 2026. The Tiguan SUV is expected to be the first of these models, followed by another SUV. Bloomberg News has noted that this second SUV is intended to replace the Trinity electric-car project, which was delayed for at least two years due to software issues, as per Chief Executive Officer Oliver Blume. 

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Volkswagen takes steps to address employee anxiety over EV shift
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