Tesla forest site of Gigafactory 4 in Berlin

Tesla Giga Berlin protestors living in treehouses plan to stay indefinitely

The Tesla protestors who are currently residing in treehouses in the forest surrounding Giga Berlin have no plans to leave, stating that they will stay indefinitely.

Back in March, the protestors who aimed to stop the expansion of Tesla’s Giga Berlin decided to take a drastic step to prevent the buildout of the factory: build treehouses in the forest that would eventually be knocked down to make way for more manufacturing space of electric vehicles.

Tesla Giga Berlin protestors take to treehouses to halt factory expansion

The protestors had signs that read “Stop Tesla” and “Water is a Human Right,” pushing back against the EV maker’s expansion of its only European manufacturing facility.

However, there are dangers living in the forest with them, and the Interior Minister of the region of Brandenburg, Michael Stübgen, has warned the protestors of potential fires.

Stügben said that the forest and soil could be “contaminated with ammunition,” according to rbb24The Interior Minister is assuming that there are possible dangers in the forest, including explosives in the ground from the war, which increases the risk of a forest fire.

When Tesla first leveled the ground at Giga Berlin several years ago, the same risks were present. There were teams sent out to inspect the land and remove potential threats.

Tesla Giga Berlin protesters aim to build more treehouses

Now, the same issues are present on the grounds of the forest where the protestors are currently residing.

Stügben commented:

“We believe the threat is not just abstract – as is the case with hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest in Brandenburg – but rather concrete. The first thing is to rule out any danger to the camp residents, but also to the forestry employees, the police and forest walkers.”

The protestors believe the comments from Stügben are simply a threat to get them to leave. It does not seem like they are the only people skeptical of the Interior Minister’s comments.

Environmental Minister Axel Vogel said there is no possibility of contamination of the forest floor, nor is there an increased risk of fire, as long as there is no digging:

“So there is a danger from the perspective of the forestry authority…not in the case if there is no intervention in the ground, i.e. if no digging is carried out into the ground.”

However, Vogel said he is happy that Stügben has offered to search for explosives or any remaining danger there is.

Other parties are having trouble with the protestors and their right to assembly. Marlen Block of Landtag Brandenburg said she believes the Interior Ministry does not want them there:

“I have the impression that this camp is not wanted there.”

However, there is no violence as a result of the protests and, as long as the fire risk is under control, they are free to express their discontent with the factory’s expansion.

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Tesla Giga Berlin protestors living in treehouses plan to stay indefinitely
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