Tesla working to address concerns that giga casted parts are too difficult to repair: report

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Tesla is reportedly working to address concerns that the giga castings used in its vehicles are far too difficult to repair. Assumed difficulties in the repair of vehicles that utilize giga castings are reportedly pushing up the cost of insurance, as per Autocar

It could be said that Tesla is a pioneer in a number of things. Electric vehicle production is definitely one of them. Tesla, after all, is one of the few automakers that has been able to produce mass-market EVs like the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover profitably. This has been made possible by the company’s quick pace of innovation. 

One of the most important of these innovations is the use of giga castings. Thanks to the use of giga casts, which are produced by gigantic contraptions known as giga presses, Tesla has been able to vastly reduce the number of its cars’ components. Fewer components means vehicles are easier, and therefore more cost-effective, to produce. 

Other automakers have taken notice. Toyota, Hyundai, and Ford, among others, have expressed their intentions to adopt giga casting techniques for their future vehicles. However, other carmakers such as Volkswagen, have expressed reservations about the technology. These reservations are partly down to the uncertainties surrounding the repairs of vehicles that are equipped with giga castings. 

Citing sources within the automaker, the publication noted that Tesla is investing in the research and development of innovative repair solutions for electric cars that are produced with giga castings. Tesla is reportedly looking to develop repair techniques that are efficient and cost-effective, and good enough to maintain the structural integrity of vehicles. 

Through this initiative, Tesla is reportedly looking to alleviate the concerns of insurers who are unfamiliar with the works of a giga casted vehicle. 

Considering the rise of the use of giga casted parts among the world’s automakers, it would be a good idea for insurers to become more familiar with the technology. Pretty soon, after all, giga castings will be used not just by Tesla, but by other key players in the automotive sector as well, such as Toyota

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Tesla working to address concerns that giga casted parts are too difficult to repair: report
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