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Mercedes-Benz to launch Level 3 automated driving tech in the US by Q4

(Credit: Mercedes-Benz)

Mercedes-Benz announced plans to launch its Level 3 automated driving technology in the United States by the fourth quarter. 

The luxury automaker received approval for its Level 3 automated driving technology, Drive Pilot, in California and Nevada. Drive Pilot received approval in California before Tesla’s Full Self-Driving technology. 

“Drive Pilot demonstrates once more that our pioneering spirit is part of our DNA. Certification in Nevada marks the start of its international rollout and, with it, the dawning of a new era,” said Mercedes Board Member Markus Schäfer after Drive Pilot was approved in Nevada.

Mercedes-Benz plans to launch the service in those two states in a limited number of all-electric EQS sedans next quarter. The German automaker will expand the Drive Pilot service to gas-powered S-Class sedans next year. 

Drive Pilot will be available as an annual subscription. The first year will cost $2,500. According to Mercedes-Benz, Drive Pilot enables the car to take control of driving functions under certain conditions. 

With Level 3 autonomy, Drive Pilot should be able to handle road monitoring and require little human interaction. The autonomous system may ask the driver to take control at any time. Drivers will be given 10 seconds to respond to Drive Pilot’s request to take over the wheel. If the driver does not respond within 10 seconds, it will come to an emergency stop. 

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Mercedes-Benz to launch Level 3 automated driving tech in the US by Q4
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