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Tesla Gigafactory 4 in Europe will have a ‘magnetic effect’ for Brandenburg

Tesla factory in Tilburg, Netherlands. (Credit: Tesla)

Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach believes Tesla’s Gigafactory 4 in Grunheide can help bring more businesses to Brandenburg.

Steinbach, who has been key in negotiating with Tesla to build its car factory in the state, expressed his satisfaction following the approval of the Brandenburg State Committee of the Gigafactory 4 sales contract. He also showed his excitement on Tesla’s “magnetic effect” that will benefit the state.

“If you want to be a competitive location, you have to face the challenge. So it’s more about how to deal with expectations in Brandenburg. If we master the challenge, we will be pretty high up in the ranking of German business locations. And that can trigger a magnetic effect and cause other companies to discover Brandenburg on the map,” Steinbach said in an interview with Berliner Morgenpost.

Steinbach also said that Tesla has the full support of the state and hinted that infrastructure will be added as needed to make sure things go smoothly for the Gigafactory in Grunheide.

“If the plant’s capacity is ramped up, another freeway connection can be added north of Freienbrink to avoid bottlenecks. Then more feeder roads are needed, and then we also have to talk about expanding rail capacity. The site has a siding and you will see how many trains have to run there each day,” he said.

Such additional infrastructure will be crucial especially when there will be a lot of movements when operation starts. The Environmental Impact Assessment report for Gigafactory Berlin reveals that there will be 463 trucks going in and out of the factory per day to deliver materials and bring out waste on a worst-case scenario. The study also expects around 2,828 vehicles per shift and Tesla Gigafactory 4 will most likely have three shifts per day. There will also be six trains that will be used to deliver supplies and operating materials, and these trains might also be used to bring finished Model Y and other vehicles out of the facility to other destinations.

Tesla has practically put Brandenburg on the global map when it decided to build the Gigafactory 4 in Grunheide. Since the announcement of CEO Elon Musk of Tesla’s choice of location, the state and federal authorities have poured all-out support to make sure things go smoothly.

The latest statement of Steinbach further shows the symbiotic relationship between the state government of Brandenburg and the electric car manufacturer.

Tesla started clearing trees on the build site and has also been scanning the site for World War II-era bombs. It is also dealing with some challenges such as the need to move a species of endangered bats that are currently hibernating in the expansive forest.

Tesla Gigafactory 4 will roll out 150,000 electric vehicles on its initial phase of production with Tesla Model Y as the top priority to address the demand for SUVs in the region. Production will ramp up to about 500,000 vehicles later on. The car factory will also provide job opportunities to 8,000 people.

Tesla Gigafactory 4 in Europe will have a ‘magnetic effect’ for Brandenburg
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