Tesla Giga Texas ‘Bobcat Project’: What we know so far

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Tesla recently purchased another plot of land to the East of the Giga Texas facility that the company is currently working on constructing. Documents from the Austin, Texas Public Database show that Tesla purchased another slice of land, but what are the company’s plans for it? Here is what we know so far.

According to documents from the Austin, Texas Public Database, Tesla has purchased another plot of land that is 150.21 acres in size and measures to be 6,543,147.6 square feet. It was purchased by the Colorado River Project, Tesla’s subsidiary in Texas that also purchased the land under the same name for what eventually became known as the Giga Texas facility. Sources in Texas told Teslarati that the property sits directly to the East of the main Giga Texas property, so it’s almost directly connected to Tesla’s main vehicle production operation.

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According to the filings, Tesla has submitted Site Plans and an Environmental Review, but several other documents are waiting for submittal.

Currently, there are no plans in place, nor is there any confirmation from Tesla regarding what the facility could be used for. However, there is plenty of speculation regarding what could be going on.

Rumors circulating through the Tesla community seem to point toward a battery cell production facility. It makes sense considering the automaker is set on producing its own 4680 cells in-house. Currently being produced at Tesla’s Kato Road facility in Northern California, the 4680 cells were unveiled by Tesla last year at the company’s Battery Day event in September. Interestingly, Tesla has had battery projects in the past that have used code names of cats, as Project Tiger was used for the Gigafactory Nevada plant in Sparks, Nevada. The facility, known as the Tesla Gigafactory, produces electric motors for the Model 3, along with battery packs. Tesla’s Powerwall and Powerpack energy products are also produced at the site.

The idea to use a cat in Tesla’s plans could ultimately derive from Li-ion, a common abbreviation for Lithium-Ion battery cells, which are used in electric vehicles. Li-ion, or Lion, may have been the inspiration for Tesla’s Project Tiger, which ultimately culminated in the Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada. Now, if consistency means anything, the Bobcat Project could point toward the same use, just in Texas where Musk, along with other Tesla executives, have moved to after vacating California.

Terafactory Texas posted a breakdown of the current progress of the Bobcat Project on YouTube on May 5th.

Tesla Giga Texas ‘Bobcat Project’: What we know so far
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