Tesla Giga Texas’ water treatment facilities take form with Canada-based firm’s contract

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It appears that Tesla’s contractor for Gigafactory Texas’ water treatment facilities has been subtly revealed. In a recent statement, Canadian water treatment solutions provider H2O Innovation Inc announced that it had won an engineering deal on a large capital equipment project for the United States’ largest EV manufacturer, which is currently building a factory in Texas. 

H2O Innovation did not specifically name a client in its announcement, though references to the contract being for the largest electric vehicle maker in the United States suggest that the company in question is Tesla. This, coupled with the hint that the contract requires designing equipment for an EV manufacturing plant in Texas, further suggests that the Elon Musk-led firm is H2O Innovation’s client. 

For its contract with Tesla, the Canadian water treatment solutions firm would be modeling and building two reverse osmosis trains for Gigafactory Texas, with each being rated at 2,200 cubic meters (5.8 million gallons) per day. Upon successful completion of the engineering work, H2O Innovation would be issued a purchase order. 

The announcement of H2O Innovation’s contract with the American electric vehicle manufacturer was appreciated by the water treatment provider’s investors. Following its announcement, H2O Innovation stock surged by nearly 17%

Water treatment facilities play a notable part in the operations of massive factories like Gigafactory Texas. H2O Innovation did not provide details about how its reverse osmosis trains will be utilized in the upcoming electric vehicle production facility, though such systems are typically used to remove unwanted salts and contaminants from a feedwater stream. 

Gigafactory Texas will be one of Tesla’s most unique production facilities to date, part of which will likely be due to the fact that it will be manufacturing the company’s most unique vehicle, the steel Cybertruck. Working with steel typically consumes a notable amount of water; something that will likely be optimized by the electric car maker for its Cybertruck production. 

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Tesla Giga Texas’ water treatment facilities take form with Canada-based firm’s contract
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