Tesla and GM’s EV tax credit may see resurgence under Biden presidency

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Tesla and GM’s EV tax credits may be restored under a Joe Biden presidency, according to an analysis of the presidential candidate’s tax proposals by the Tax Policy Center (TPC). The authors of the analysis assumed that Biden might make EV tax credits permanent.

A Congressional Research Service (CRS) document states that consumers who purchase “qualifying plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs)” may claim federal income tax credit of up to $7,500. The CRS works exclusively with the United States Congress and acts as the legislative body’s official library.

The CRS document adds that the aforementioned tax credit will be phased out once a vehicle manufacturer sells 200,000 PHEVs. Thus far, Tesla and GM are the two automakers that have reached the limit in tax credits.

A CleanTechnica article specifically brought attention to page seven of the TPC analysis. Listed in a section titled Individual Income Taxes under the section labeled Biden’s Tax Provisions, TPC wrote:

“Restore the full electric vehicle tax credit, target it to middle-income consumers, and prioritize the purchase of American-made vehicles. We assume the proposal makes the electric vehicle tax credit permanent, repeals the per manufacturer cap, and phases out the credit for taxpayers with income above $250,000.”

Biden’s official campaign page delves deeper into the presidential candidate’s plans for the auto industry in the United States. It states that Biden wants to “position the American auto industry to win the 21st century.” To accomplish the feat, Biden plans to use the power of the federal government to make the United States a global leader in EV manufacturing industry.

Biden’s website listed six specific goals the presidential hopeful plans to achieve to turn the American EV auto industry into a global leader, if he wins the presidency. Most notable of the six, specifically in relation to Tesla and GM, would be Biden’s plan to purchase clean vehicles for “federal, state, tribal, postal, and local fleets.” The presidential candidates hopes that by adding up to 3 million clean cars in these fleets, he can increase the demand for American-made, American-sourced green vehicles.

Out of all the American car manufacturers, Tesla and GM are probably the most well-positioned to execute and benefit from Biden’s plans. All of Tesla’s vehicles are BEVs and the automaker’s Gigafactories already perform within Biden’s goals for other car factories. With its Hummer EV and Chevy Bolt, GM has taken some steps toward the auto industry Biden wants to establish. Restoring GMs EV tax credit might encourage the legacy automaker to produce more clean vehicles and contribute to Biden’s fleet.

Tesla may practically be the only American automaker that is already performing within Biden’s plans for the future. Restoring its EV tax credits would only accelerate its success.

Read the TPC’s analysis of Joe Biden’s tax proposals in the document below.

Tesla and GM’s EV tax credit may see resurgence under Biden presidency
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