Tesla Hardware retrofits, FSD upgrades are underway in Europe

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Tesla owners in Europe are finally getting Hardware 3 retrofits and Full Self-Driving MCU upgrades. The retrofits ensure that customers who have purchased the FSD suite can get their hands on the latest hardware for the semi-autonomous functionality, which improves the performance of the feature.

Currently, Tesla’s Hardware 3 is the most sophisticated system that the electric automaker has. The first availability of HW3 was in April 2019, and Model 3 owners who purchased the FSD suite with their cars were entitled to a free upgrade to the new hardware. Most of the drivers were operating with HW 2 or HW 2.5.

The upgraded hardware gives older Tesla vehicles several new features and capabilities. For example, HW3 gave the Model S sedan new features like Navigate on Autopilot and the ability to visualize traffic lights, stop signs, and on-road markings.

However, until now, only owners in the U.S. and Canada could obtain the retrofits for the new Hardware and MCU chips. European owners were not able to receive this upgrade because FSD was not approved in the market by Union regulators.

CEO Elon Musk indicated earlier on September 16th that Tesla Model 3 owners in Europe would receive their HW3 retrofits shortly. “Should be happening soon,” Musk said to a European owner on Twitter.

It appears that the HW3 and MCU2 upgrades are already underway. Steven Peeters, a Model S owner in Europe, indicated that his FSD computer was upgraded with Hardware 3. He also received the MCU2 upgrade that will equip the infotainment system with the appropriate capabilities.

According to Peeters, the entire process took about three to three-and-a-half hours to complete, and he “can finally start testing all the little gizmos that he’s been missing for so long.”

Peeters does indicate that with the upgrades, there is no replacement of the cameras on his Model S. Although his vehicle can now utilize the side repeater cameras to a full-angle view of the surroundings of his car, the display is not colored, and the rear cameras are black and white.

For non-FSD owners who wish to have the upgraded MCU and Hardware, there is a cost to having the work done. To go from MCU 1 to MCU 2, according to one owner in the United States who had the upgrade completed, it was $2,500.

Ultimately, the upgrades allow owners who wish to use the company’s Full Self-Driving suite in the manner that it was intended. Not only does it help owners keep their cars up to date, but it also allows Tesla to obtain more information through its Neural Network.

A video of the new HW3 and MCU2 upgrades in Europe from Steven Peeters is available below.

Tesla Hardware retrofits, FSD upgrades are underway in Europe
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