Tesla to improve health care for Giga Berlin employees

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News about Tesla’s workforce over the past weeks may be focused mostly on the company’s ongoing headcount reduction, but it seems like the electric vehicle maker is intent on taking care of the employees that it would be retaining. This seems to be the case in Giga Berlin, at least, where the EV maker is reportedly looking to improve the health care of its workers. 

As per a report from BZ, Giga Berlin plant manager André Thierig noted that Tesla would be focusing on preventative health care for the facility’s employees. Physiotherapists and occupational therapists are also at Giga Berlin to look after the site’s employees. 

“Looking ahead, we will now focus much more on prevention. We are currently building our own fitness studio, where we also have the opportunity to offer very targeted training, for example as a countermeasure to monotonous physical activities,” Thierig said.

Giga Berlin has faced scrutiny with regards to its workers’ safety, with German publication Stern claiming in an expose last October that the facility had a very high rate of injuries. These claims, however, were denied by Brandenburg Health Minister Ursula Nonnemacher (Greens), who noted that Tesla is treated the same way as any other carmaker in Germany. 

“We treat Tesla like any other company. They don’t get any discounts or preferential treatment… I can assure you that there is no company or large construction site in all of Brandenburg that has been checked more intensively and frequently than the Tesla construction site,” Nonnemacher said. 

Giga Berlin currently employs about 12,500 workers, though the facility is expected to be affected by CEO Elon Musk’s workforce-trimming efforts. Earlier this month, rumors emerged alleging that Tesla intended to cut 3,000 jobs from Giga Berlin. The electric vehicle maker refuted this claim, however, with sources reportedly familiar with the matter noting that Musk’s job cuts will affect less than 10% of the plant’s workforce. 

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Tesla to improve health care for Giga Berlin employees
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