Tesla’s in-house body repair shop restores damaged Model 3 in 25 hours

[Credit: Like Tesla/YouTube]

Back in Tesla’s 2018 Annual Shareholder Meeting, Elon Musk stated that the company is opening in-house body shops to reduce the time it takes for owners to get their cars repaired. The first nine of these in-house body shops were announced in Tesla’s official website earlier this month, and so far, reports of the service they provide have been very positive.

Just last week, u/ekobres, a Model 3 owner and member of the r/TeslaMotors subreddit, shared his experience with Tesla’s in-house repair shop in Marietta, Georgia, which reportedly fixed a panel alignment issue in one day. According to the Model 3 owner, Tesla picked up the car, loaned him a vehicle, and delivered it back fully fixed and cleaned within nine hours. While this turnaround time was impressive, the work done in u/ekobres’ Model 3 was rather minor. Thus, it remained to be seen how fast Tesla’s in-house repair shops could fix a vehicle with more significant damages.

One such vehicle was sent to the same in-house body repair shop in Marietta, GA recently. The Model 3 was owned by the hosts of YouTube’s Like Tesla channel, who noted that their vehicle was damaged after a car backed into it. The electric car was still drivable after the accident, but a portion of its front bumper was hanging out, and its left headlight was cracked from the impact. Kim, the YouTube channel’s host, even aired her concern as to when they would get their Model 3 back, considering Tesla’s notorious wait times even for otherwise simple repairs.

Fortunately for the Model 3 owners, they were in the vicinity of Tesla’s in-house body shop in Marietta. Within an hour of the accident, the shop had been contacted, and necessary information such as the claim number and the electric car’s VIN were taken. The shop also started coordinating with the responsible party’s insurance provider. The next day, Tesla Service came by, dropped off a Model X loaner, and took the damaged Model 3 to be repaired.

Forty-five minutes after that, Tesla notified the Model 3 owners that their car had arrived at the shop, and around four hours later, images of the vehicle being worked on were sent over. Not long after, the in-house body shop sent another message informing the Model 3 owners that their car had been fully repaired, complete with a new bumper, front fender, headlight, and wheel. It was just 25 hours after the accident.

The rapid turnaround time of the Model 3’s repair stands as yet another example of Tesla’s continued attempts at improving its service to its growing customer base. This was highlighted in one of Elon Musk’s tweets last month, when he noted that Tesla is aiming to improve its in-house repair shops to such a level that same-day repairs become possible.

If these recent accounts are any indication, it appears that Tesla’s ramp of its in-house repair shops is moving alongside the company’s ramp for Model 3 production. While Tesla’s body shops are only addressing minor repairs for now (major damages are still referred to the company’s network of certified, third-party repair shops), the service they provide undoubtedly improves the ownership experience. Once Tesla’s in-house shops are fully ramped, the company might finally be able to shake off its image of providing great cars that are beautiful and powerful, but are a pain to get repaired. 

Watch Like Tesla‘s Model 3 repair experience with an in-house body shop in the video below.

Tesla’s in-house body repair shop restores damaged Model 3 in 25 hours
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