Tesla increases speed cap of Autosteer to 45 mph, Musk says limit will raise pending more data

Tesla Model S and Model X owners with Autopilot 2.0 self-driving hardware are beginning to see auto-steering capabilities come to life through the latest version of Enhanced Autopilot. As we reported over the weekend, Tesla began rolling out an over-the-air software update, beyond the original 1,000 beta vehicles, aimed at bringing vehicles produced after mid-October to near feature parity with first generation Autopilot vehicles.

Chief Elon Musk noted via Twitter that some vehicles with Autopilot 2.0 hardware may require adjustments to the vehicle’s camera pitch in order for calibration to properly take effect. Musk also pointed out that the auto-steering capability, rightfully named as Autosteer, will be limited to 45 mph on highway driving, up from a previous 35 mph.

We published a video early this year giving a first look at the Autosteer feature beginning to take shape after a calibration period. As seen in the early video, the Model S with Enhanced Autopilot was limited to 35 mph of driving. But in the last couple of weeks, Tesla has presumably logged enough driving data from its test fleet to be able to confidently increase Autosteer’s speed limit.

The video below shows Tesla’s driving-assist feature helping a Model S owner take on a curved section of a freeway at the increased speed limit of 45 mph. Tesla is expected to increase the speed limit of Autosteer through future software updates.

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