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Tesla NACS adoption required for EV charging companies in TX

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The state of Texas plans to require electric charging companies to include Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) in their stalls alongside CCS. With state support, Tesla NACS may be well on its way toward becoming the standard charging port in North America. 

The Texas Department of Transportation explained to Reuters that Tesla NACS’ support from Ford, General Motors, and recently EV startup Rivian has “changed requirements for Phase 1” of the state’s program to electrify highways with federal funds. As such, Texas will require direct current fast chargers to support one CSS and one Tesla NACS connector. 

The United States Departments of Transportation and Energy (Joint Office) deployed the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula (NEVI) Program, designed to help states and territories swiftly build the national EV charging network. 

The NEVI Program determines how President Biden’s $5 billion fund for EV infrastructure deployment plans will be used. Last year, the Joint Office and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) reviewed EV infrastructure deployment plans by all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. 

The keys to developing a national EV infrastructure network are reliability and a user-friendly experience. The FHWA is aware of the changes occurring around EV infrastructure in the United States. 

“Our technical experts are having active conversations with automakers, charger manufacturers, and standards setting bodies to ensure federal investment continues to support a reliable, convenient, and user-friendly charging experience for all drivers,” said a FHWA spokesperson.

President Biden’s allotted $7.5 billion in funds to build the United States EV charging infrastructure. Initially, Tesla has a slim chance of benefiting from the $7.5 billion federal fund because its Supercharger Network did not cater to non-Tesla EVs or use CCS connectors. However, the EV charging landscape is rapidly changing–in favor of Tesla NACS. In addition, Tesla has started opening its Supercharger Network to non-Tesla EVs. 

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Tesla NACS adoption required for EV charging companies in TX
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